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Kindergarten Information

Kindergarten information and resources

Schools have been advised that Kindergarten orientation and transition to school activities are to remain on hold due to the Covid19 situation. This space has been designed to share resources and links that may assist you and your child to prepare for Kindergarten.

Please click on link to view Penrith Public School Digital Orientation Video

Starting school is a big milestone for children and their families. This link contains further information and resources to help you and your child prepare for this step.  Transition to School

We would like to help your child develop a positive understanding of school by introducing them to some of the things they might expect to see next year. Research suggests that this is likely to lead to student engagement in learning and ongoing academic and social success. Starting School

Good transition programs balance what children learn and how they learn in their homes, early childhood education and playgroups, with what and how they learn in primary school. Transition

A book to read with your child about starting school.

Daisy's First Day  (PDF 5.6MB)

Handy hints and tips

There are many tips that we would normally share during our parent orientation sessions that may help make life easier for you and your child when they start school. These are things that we may not always think about; like how to pack your own bag, open your lunch or use a urinal. These are essential skills to help make a smooth transition to school. This document includes a lot of useful tips to prepare yourself and your child for primary school. Getting ready for primary school. (PDF 2.8MB)

Get started now!

This booklet has been created for parents, carers and families of children in the early years of school. It is full of activities to support the important learning that happens at home. The activities are designed so you can have fun with your child and help them have a great start at school. Encourage your child to participate and explore the activities and support their individual responses.
Helping your child with literacy and numeracy (PDF 1.5MB)

Is your child ready to start writing? This document shows the letter and number formation that will be taught in school. You may wish to print and laminate this and have your child practice tracing the letters. If helping your child to write please focus on the lower case letters, and to only use upper case letters at the beginning of sentences and names. NSW Foundation writing Guide

Enjoy reading a book aloud together with your child. Here is one to help explain key aspects of school to your child. A Special Place​


Uniform Shop

Back to Basics

Price List

Kindly read Back to Basics price list for more information about their school uniform costs.

Ordering Online 

You can order your school uniform online through Back to Basics. Kindly read Online Ordering for more information on how to order your school uniforms online through Back to Basics. 

Trading Hours

Kindly read Back to Basics trading hours for more information about store trading hours.

Their online store is called Cowan and Lewis.

Eating and Playtime

Throughout the school day your child will have 3 breaks from learning when they can eat and drink. The first break ​is during the morning learning session when we stop to read a book while eating our 'Crunch & Sip'. This is a fruit, veggie and water break. Then there are 2 further 30 minute recess breaks for eating and play time. In kindy, teachers will supervise your child and allow approximately 15 minutes of eating time before playtime. Each day your child will need: 

• Something for lunch (main meal) 

• Something for recess (mini meal) 

• Something to munch (fruit or veg) 

• Water bottle


How to pack a healthy lunchbox 

Crunch and Sip

General Health information

Bus Travel

It is imperative that all students travel safely to and from school each day. If your child will be travelling home by bus please contact and inform the school office. In the afternoons, students catching buses are supervised by teachers until their bus arrives on Lethbridge Street. The following link can provide more information about the local school bus services, including:




Best Start Assessment 

Best Start Kindergarten Assessment is a literacy and numeracy assessment conducted for all Kindergarten students as they commence school. This is a state wide assessment designed to provide teachers with information about each student's abilities as they start school. Parents will receive the results of the test during Term 1 and will have a chance to discuss them during parent teacher interviews.  

Towards the end of this year you will receive a letter with the date and time of your child's Best Start appointment. This will be in the first week of school, are completed with a teacher one on one with your child, and in English only, and will take approximately 30-50 minutes. 



Live Life Well @ School Kindergarten Orientation Video has just launched!

We know Kindy Orientations aren't able to run as usual this year, but it doesn't mean parents need to miss out on all the important information these sessions provide. 

The LLW@S team at NSW Health, in collaboration with DoE and AISNSW, have developed a 5 min video full of information and practical tips on: 

  • How to pack a healthy lunchbox
  • Crunch and Sip
  • Healthy School Canteens 

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